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Don't miss out on the benefits and savings of dining on campus! We have meal plans that are specifically designed for you! Check out all of our meal plan options and choose the one that works best for you!

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St. Mary's University and Aramark have been providing top-quality dining to the University community for many years. We have made significant changes to the program in the last several years based on the ideas and comments from our most valuable resource—you, our customers! We invite you to visit any of our great locations that make up our exceptional dining program.

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Get your meal plan today and save! Whether you eat every meal on campus or just grab a bite now and then, you’ll love the value, variety and convenience of your meal plan. We have options for the entire campus community, including off-campus, faculty and staff. Visit our meal plan page to learn more about the benefits of dining on campus!

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We not only serve great food - we have fun, too! Check out all the special events happening at our dining locations around campus. From theme meals at Diamondback Cafe to daily specials - we keep dining on campus fun and fresh with tons of events. 

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Early riser or late snacker, we've got options for you around campus. During the regular semester, we have locations open as early as 7am and as late as midnight. We will post any hour changes, including special events and holidays, for your convenience.